Automation Engineer

The Automation Engineer is responsible for the concept, design, programming and testing of automated equipment and processes that will improve production.  The design work will include all detailed specifications & documentation of the project.  The Automation Engineer will support projects that lead to potential investments of millions of dollars in multiple facilities.  There will be frequent interaction with all levels of plant personnel and management as well as manufacturing and automation engineers in multiple locations.  In addition, there will be interaction with suppliers of equipment and automation controls for multiple engineering projects.  Primary Job Functions  This section describes the primary /essential responsibilities that this job performs.   1. Study processes; identify and make recommendations for automation possibilities.    2. Design and test concepts for automating specified manufacturing and assembly processes.  3. Work with Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering to determine cost justification and return on investment of potential projects.  4. Research and collaborate with suppliers and vendors to determine the selection of proper components.  5. Stay current with safety standards from both industry organizations as well as OSHA.  6. Effectively and accurately document project progression and information; ensure the project meets business deadlines.  7. Demonstrate the Company's Core and Growth Values in the performance of all job functions.   Job Qualifications  1. Bachelor Degree in Automation, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering or related field, or equivalent work experience2. 5 years' automation experience in a manufacturing environment, Required 3. Knowledge of current Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 4. Knowledge of current Motion Control technology 5. Ability to design, build, maintain, troubleshoot and study all aspects of machine control 6. Knowledge and experience with 2D and 3D software 7. Familiarity with current Human Machine Interface programming using 8. Current Robotics Industry Association Robotic Standards 9. Robot programming 10. Vision systems 11. Knowledge of industry safety standards for building and designing machines 12. Machining and metal working experience 13. Ability to solve problems of equipment and perform complex system tests 14. Creative thinking 15. Willing to learn and accept new software and methods of system control
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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